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Ria, 45, Mother of 2
"I instantly fell in love with Better C by VitaBetter! I used to get sick pretty often and it was a huge disruption in not only my life, but in my family's life too. Now, with Better C, I've felt a huge boost in my immune system and I honestly feel indestructible! I have the health and energy I need to be the best woman and super mom there is! Thanks VitaBetter!"
“Not usually one to leave a review, but this product is amazing! My kids love it because as they say 'their water tastes so good!' And I love it because they’re actually taking their vitamins. As a mom, I was desperate for something to give me a an extra boost of energy and to fight of colds. I always feel peppy and ready to take on the day after I’ve had my VitaBetter.
 Corey WIlliams, 40, Women’s Rights Activist,  Mother of 3
Maria, 51, Mother of 2
I have been indestructible since taking Liposomal Vitamin C ('Better C')! This is a crazy improvement because I used to get sick 10 times a year! And I’m not exaggerating... it felt like I had some version of the cold/flu every single month. It greatly affected my work (all of the time off) and my ability to spend time with my family and friends. Since I started taking Better C, I have been healthier, happier and more energized! Saying I feel “better” is an understatement! I feel amazing!
“I’ve got a lot on my plate. Running two businesses, traveling all the time and being a full time mom for my 5 amazing kiddos can really take a lot out of me. There are times when I just feel completely drained and unproductive. Now, I just take my Better C by VitaBetter! It gets my health and my energy back at full speed so I can keep going without burning out. Morning, noon and night, I’m ready to go, go, go! My team and clients see the difference and so do my kids!”
Lori Taylor, Entrepreneur, CEO, Mother of 5
Jodie, Fitness Competitor, Mother of 2
"Two of my biggest loves in life are my family and my health. As I got older, I noticed my workouts have gotten shorter and a bit sluggish. And when I was in Mom-mode, I was only running at about 60% — and feeling exhausted all the time. Now that I have my secret weapon (Better C) I’m performing and competing at a whole new level! I have non-stop energy, I can’t remember the last time I was sick, and my kids love their Super Mama :) Look out world!”
Get Two Additional Bottles of Better C for only
$89 $44
You get a total of 3 bottles, a full 90-day supply, for just $44! 
(over 50% OFF the normal price!)
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